No Fault Divorce to become Law

Couples will no longer have to attribute blame or mutually agree to end their marriages.

The justice secretary, David Gauke, confirmed he will bring in legislation introducing the reform in the next session of Parliament removing the need for separating couples to wait years or allocate blame for the breakdown of their relationship.

Currently, anyone applying for divorce must prove their spouse is at fault through adultery, desertion, unreasonable behaviour or if both sides agree, they can divorce after a period of two years separation.  In the absence of one of these factors, they must wait until they have been separated 5 years.

Demands for change followed after the case of Owen v Owen when the Supreme Court ruled in July 2018 that Mrs Owen could not divorce her husband until they had been separated 5 years.

Here at Seymours we offer an initial free advice session.

For sensitive and professional advice in divorce and family matters please contact Tarsem Sangha or Andrew Hardy at Seymours Solicitors on, | Leamington 01926 350031 or Coventry 024 7655 3961.

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What to do if you’re made redundant or dismissed over Christmas?

This time of year is unfortunately very common for a review of staffing structures. This can often lead to an increased volume of settlement agreements whether in relation to redundancies or dismissals. 

If you find yourself dismissed or made redundant, it is important that you consider your position carefully rather than just accepting the proposals given to you. There is legislative protection to ensure that you can receive independent legal advice to ensure that the offer being made is right, proper and fair. You should never feel forced to accept an offer without proper advice which should be funded in part, if not entirely, by your employer.

If you are an employer looking to fairly dismiss an employee or make redundancies, a settlement agreement provides reassurance that once a payment has been made to an employee no further claims will arise. There is a line drawn under the matter. 

Whether you are an individual or a business, the right advice for your given circumstances will ensure the matter is resolved cost-effectively, efficiently and to a satisfactory level for all parties. 

For assistance contact Simon Newbold on 01926 350031 or

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Seymours Wore it Pink!

On Friday 19th October, all the Seymours staff wore pink in support of the Breast Cancer Now charity; a fundraiser spanning the width of the country with all kinds of groups, clubs and workplaces taking part.

This is a cause very close to a lot of our hearts and so we were all very keen to pitch in to support a wonderful charity. Our secretaries did a brilliant job of decorating the offices and other staff contributed as many pink treats as we could think of including pink wafers, marshmallow sandwiches and the sweetest drip cake any of us have ever tasted! 


It was a great fundraiser from all involved and both of our offices managed to raise money from staff, clients and neighbouring business. 

See our pictures below of how we got on and let us know if you have any other fundraising ideas or charities we could get involved in. 

Next up in the charity calendar will be a ‘Festive Friday’ in support of Myton Hospice, our charity of the year, chosen for its special support shown to so many of our clients and colleagues. 

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Cakes Baked and Money Raised for MacMillan Coffee Morning

The Seymours Teams at Leamington and Coventry were delighted to take part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday 28th September.

Special thanks go to Director Rob’s daughter, Lauren, who baked a particularly scrumptious cake!

In Coventry, we were pleased to share our wares with our neighbours HIA.

Finally, we were proud to raise £100 in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support.

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Be Cautious When Considering Help to Buy Your First Home

The government launched its flagship home ownership scheme in 2013. The “Help to Buy” schemes include Help to Buy Shared Ownership and Help to Buy Equity Loans to help hard-working people take steps to buy their own house.

The Help to Buy ISA pays first-time buyers a government bonus. For example, if a first time buyer saves £200 a month, then the government will add £50, up to a maximum of £3,000, boosting the ISA savings of £12,000 to £15,000.

Since the scheme’s launch, £8.27 billion has been lent in Help to Buy loans and over 150,000 properties have been bought.

Help-to-buy can be a good option if a person is keen to buy a new-build property from one of the house builders registered with the HCA (Homes and Communities Agency). In order to complete the purchase, the government will provide a 20% equity loan (40% in London).

Unlike the government bonuses paid into Help to Buy and Lifetime ISAs (which can be used to save up a deposit for property purchase), the Help to Buy Equity Loan is not free money. While there is no interest to pay on the loan in the first five years, you do have to pay a monthly management fee of £1. And after five years, interest does start to be charged.

In addition, with the  Equity Loan, if the house value goes up so does the amount of money that you have to pay back (either when you sell the property or decide to make a voluntary repayment).

Furthermore, though 29 lenders currently accept Help to Buy loan applications to buy a home, the picture looks very different for those whose initial deals are up and need to remortgage to avoid slipping onto higher rates.

Help to Buy homeowners hoping to remortgage with some or all of their government equity loan still in place can only choose from a restricted pool of lenders – meaning they could miss out on the cheapest rates.

In a recent Financial Times article, only eight out of 25 lenders said they would offer remortgages to new customers who had yet to pay off their government loans.

One reason for this is that the process of remortgaging a Help to Buy property is more time-consuming and administratively complex because of the regulator’s rules about valuations and the amount of paperwork required.

Moreover, with current residential tax policies and the lack of a defined plan for a post-Brexit UK contributing to economic uncertainty, it appears that only those who have to move are doing so. Therefore, falling house prices and lack of property sales could also effect Help to Buy owners. Existing owners may now find they are in negative equity when it comes to re-mortgaging their homes, with serious repercussions.

First time buyers should therefore exercise caution when considering whether to utilise the Help to Buy Schemes, and consider all other options before signing on the dotted line.

Our Residential Conveyancing Department has a wide experience in all legal and practical aspects of your house move, making use of the latest technology to offer an efficient service that is responsive to your individual needs. Contact Tarsam Sangha or Preeti Lekhi at Seymours Solicitors on, 01926 350031

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Unhappy Marriage Not Grounds for Divorce


In a controversial ruling, the Supreme Court has ruled that a woman who claims her 40 year marriage is “wretchedly unhappy, loveless and broken down” cannot divorce her husband until they have been separated for a full five years.

Tini Owens started divorce proceedings after moving out of the family home in 2015, following a period of escalating tension in the relationship exacerbated when Mrs Owens had an affair.

She said that her husband, Hugh Owens, had behaved unreasonably and that she could not reasonably be expected to stay married.

Mr Owens refused to agree to a divorce, denying Mrs Owens’ allegations in respect of his behavior and stating that if their marriage had broken down it was because she had had an affair or “was bored”.

Two years ago, a Family Court judge rejected Mrs Owens’ allegations and refused to grant her a divorce. The trial judge felt that Mrs Owens had failed to prove that her husband had behaved in such a way as to entitle her to divorce him under current laws. In addition, Mrs Owen’s petition was subsequently rejected by the Court of Appeal.

More recently, Supreme Court justices reluctantly refused the divorce, saying that Mrs Owens had failed to establish that her marriage had, legally, irretrievably broken down.

These senior judges did highlight changes to “social and moral values” over time. Furthermore, they recommended that MPs should consider changing the law, bringing the government under pressure to reform a particularly sensitive legal area.

Mrs Owens now has to wait two more years until she is legally allowed to dissolve her marriage.

Had Mr and Mrs Owens been on more amicable terms, they could have applied for a “no fault divorce” which is for couples who have grown apart or wish to separate on a more friendly basis. It is a more administrative process and the most common reason is usually “irreconcilable differences”.

Seymours offers clients a wide variety of family law and divorce advice and assistance. Contact Tarsem Sangha and the team at Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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Contentious Probate is Booming

Following recent high profile contested estates, the Law Society Gazette has reported a growing number of clients wishing to bring claims against estates.

The recent case of Ilott v The Blue Cross and Others, which has been widely reported in the national press, follows the case of the late Mrs Mitson. Mrs Mitson, who died in 2004, left her estate (which was just shy of £500k) almost entirely to charity.

Her estranged daughter later brought a claim again the estate under the 1975 Inheritance Act legislation on the basis that she should have been made reasonable provision for. The daughter was initially awarded £50,000, which was later increased to £163,000 on appeal. The figure was then again reduced back to £50,000 at a further appeal, over the course of nearly ten years of litigation. The case is still ongoing and the charities are currently appealing again.

Furthermore, the most notable point in this particular case was that Mrs Mitson hadn’t seen her daughter for some decades and had also expressly excluded her by use of a letter of wishes; something previously thought a good tool to defend an estate.

This case, and others like it, are encouraging private client practitioners to revisit the ways in which they look to protect an estate.

Moreover, the increase in claims against estates is also thought to be in part due to increasingly more complex family dynamics. Divorce rates are high and more often people are remarrying, creating bigger families, with more scope for dispute. More people are cohabiting, buying property together and owning other assets as a couple. Simple Wills have historically worked well for the typical nuclear family but, as times change, it is vital that our clients have the documents in place to protect their own specific circumstances.

Please contact Seymours Solicitors if you wish to discuss your current position and look to reflect it more accurately in your estate planning documents on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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How Will The GDPR Changes Affect You?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come info force on 25th May 2018 – by which time your organisation needs to be compliant with the new rules in respect of personal data and to have a framework in place which clearly demonstrates this.

As of May 2018, any data of individuals should be completely secure and your systems should support privacy by default.

Failure to comply with the rules, which results in a serious data protection failing, could end in punishment by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) by means of a stiff administrative fine.

In addition to the above fine, organisations must take into consideration the other very real negative impacts involved if a cyber attack occurs. If you lose the personal data of your clients through a preventable breach, you will be liable for compensation to the victims, and the accompanying bad publicity will no doubt result in a significant loss of customers and drop in sales.

So how might the GDPR changes affect you?

  • Family Law – do you hold data in respect of families including children? This could be numbers, location or online identifiers? If so, you need to ensure the data is completely necessary for a legitimate purpose – otherwise you should remove it
  • Conveyancing – does your organisation hold personal details for those interested in buying and selling a house? Did you obtain these details through ‘freely given’ consent? Are you still using data which might be completely out of date? You need to be confident that the data is current and obtained appropriately
  • Commercial – are you starting a business and developing a database of clients and contacts? How robust are your systems for gaining the necessary data and keeping it safe? Start as you mean to go on
  • Employment – do you hold data for all of your employees and is all of it absolutely essential for your legitimate purposes? Do you keep data of ex-employees and, if so, how long for? Are you aware that stronger data subjects’ rights mean the right to be forgotten and the right of access?
  • Civil Litigation – if you are a commercial or residential landlord you need to review and update data protection policies, record keeping procedures and methods of archiving and deletion of personal data

If you have any concerns regarding your GDPR responsibilities, contact Tarsem Sangha at Seymours Solicitors:, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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Conveyancing News – Best Places for First Time Buyers

It has never been quite so difficult for those wishing to purchase their first house. A combination of rising property prices, slow wage growth and higher deposit rates have resulted in people struggling to make the leap into home ownership.

Therefore, a burning question is – where is it currently most affordable to buy your first house? Fortunately, property website Zoopla recently published research highlighting the top 10 best places for those desperate to get on the property ladder.

Unsurprisingly, first-time buyers would benefit from heading north, with Hull, Middlesborough, Liverpool and Preston all being in the top 10, offering cheap average property prices coupled with affordable deposits (and lower stamp duty). The Midlands is another place worth investigating, with Nottingham, Coventry and Stoke-on-Trent also making it onto the list.

Furthermore, at the other end of the scale, London continues to be the most expensive place to buy in the UK, making home ownership prohibitive in the country’s capital.

So, when you have decided on where you are going to look for your first home, what are our top tips for first time buyers?

  • Consider affordable housing schemes, Help to Buy and Shared Ownership schemes
  • Make sure you save enough for a reasonable deposit
  • Find a mortgage with affordable monthly repayments
  • Budget for all the other costs which come with moving house
  • Choose a firm of solicitors who will guide you through the entire process

Our Residential Conveyancing Department has a wide experience in all legal and practical aspects of your house move, making use of the latest technology to offer an efficient service that is responsive to your individual needs. Contact Tarsam Sangha or Preeti Lekhi at Seymours Solicitors on, 01926 350031.

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First UK Data Leak Class Action – Morrisons Supermarket Liable


In the first data leak class action in the UK, Morrisons has been found liable for the actions of a former employee who stole the data of co-workers, posted it online and sent it to newspapers.

Employees brought a claim against the supermarket after the former worker, Andrew Skelton, stole the payroll information of almost 100,000 staff. Apparently, the revenge attack occurred after Skelton was accused of dealing “legal highs” at work.

Lawyers said the data theft meant 5,518 former and current employees were exposed to the risk of identity theft and potential financial loss and that the company was responsible for breaches of privacy, confidence and data protection laws.

However, Morrisons will be appealing against the ruling, as it believes it should not have been held responsible for the security breach, which occurred in 2014. Skelton was found guilty of fraud, securing unauthorised access to computer material and disclosing data in 2015 and sent to prison.

But for the moment, the High Court has ruled that Morrisons was vicariously liable. This landmark ruling now allows those affected to claim compensation for the “significant worry, stress and inconvenience” caused.

It is also another significant case for those who are concerned about their GDPR compliance. No doubt, this type of case will increase in respect of any similar data leaks after the new GDPR rules come into force.

Seymours offers clients a wide variety of legal advice and assistance.  If you would like to discuss a civil law matter, please contact Andrew Hardy or Simon Newbold at Seymours Solicitors on Leamington 01926 350031, Coventry 024 76 553961

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Legal Implications of Inadequate Teaching at Top University


In a ground-breaking case, a modern history graduate is suing Oxford University, claiming that poor teaching led to his failure to get a first class degree 17 years ago.

Furthermore, Faiz Siddiqui, alleges that having only achieved a lower upper second degree, this shoddy education ultimately cost him the chance of a high-flying career.

Siddiqui believes that he received below-par education as the University had difficulties running the Indian History module during the year in questions. This was due to an unusually large number of lecturers taking sabbatical leave at the same time, leaving the department understaffed and putting intolerable pressure on the remaining professors.

In addition, Siddiqui states that a tutor failed to submit relevant medical information to examiners who were responsible for making reasonable adjustments and moderating his exams.

Siddiqui, who’s post-Oxford employment history was unimpressive is now unemployed. He claims that his clinical depression and insomnia have been significantly exacerbated by his “inexplicable failure” to gain a top qualification and, ultimately, become a successful international commercial lawyer.

However, the University says that Siddiqui’s claim is complete speculation and fanciful. It denies negligence and causation and says that the case has been brought outside the legal time limit.

If Siddiqui wins the case it could unleash a flood of similar claims from students complaining about inadequate teaching, unsuitable accommodation and/or poor decision made at the University (and potentially others).

Seymours offers clients a wide variety of law advice and assistance. If you would like to discuss an employment or HR issue, please contact Andrew Hardy or Tarsem Sangha at Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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GDPR – What is a Subject Access Request?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation, which is already in place in the UK. However, it will come into force from 25th May 2018 – by which time your organisation needs to be compliant and to have a framework in place which demonstrates this compliance. As of May 2018, your data should be secure and your systems should support privacy by default.

The introduction of new technological capabilities and the adoption of a variety of digital channels has enabled most companies to gather an unprecedented amount of customer data. GDPR has been designed to give European citizens more control over the data that organisations collect, how they store it and how that information is then used.

Furthermore, the general public will be able to request a copy of all data that is being held by a company by using a Subject Access Request (SAR). These have been available for a while, however new rules mean that as of May this data must be produced within 30 days and free of charge. As the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) will be running a campaign in the Spring to inform the public of the changes to GDPR, it seems likely that the number of SARs will increase – an additional administrative task for each company, which will require resource.

Following receipt of the response to an SAR an individual can:

  • request to be forgotten and their data erased
  • seek to have their information rectified
  • ask for their data to be moved from one provider to another
  • object to profiling activities (ie the automated refusal decision of a loan application)

Therefore, the importance of GDPR cannot be stressed enough. Organisations which act as a Data Controller (the company) or Data Processor (for example, a marketing agency) face much higher fines for non-compliance. A Data Privacy Officer must be appointed; someone who’s responsibility it will be to relay any data breaches to the ICO within 72 hours.

Read our Top Tips for GDPR compliance planning.

Seymours offers clients a wide variety of law advice and assistance. If you would like to discuss GDPR, please contact Tarsem Sangha. If your question is in respect of a company or commercial matter, please contact Rob Fardoe or Simon Newbold at Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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Cash for Kids Christmas Jumper Day

Seymours are taking part in this year’s Cash for Kids Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 8th December! We will be getting in the Christmas spirit by wearing our Christmas jumpers and donating money to a well deserved charity.

Cash for Kids raise millions of pounds for local young people who suffer abuse or neglect on a daily basis. They also raise money for disabled children or for those who need a little extra care and support to give them the opportunity for a brighter future.

This year we will be giving the money to Free Radio in their bid to raise as much money as possible to enable local disadvantaged children to receive a gift on Christmas day.

To find out more visit the website

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Brexit – Latest Headlines

Brexit remains in the news, so here is a round-up of the latest news, views and updates.

After a brief sixth round of Brexit talks recently, at the EU27 European Summit, Britain was set a two-week deadline to deliver clarification on the financial commitments it is willing to honour as part of the exit bill. Potential figures in respect of the UK’s financial commitment range from €20bn to €60bn.

MPs are about to commence reviewing the small print of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, an enormous piece of litigation seen as critical to Britain’s departure from the EU. The bill will repeal the 1972 European Communities act and end the power of the European Court of Justice in the UK.

Westminster’s public accounts select committee said that the number of customs declarations which HMRC processes each year could be increased 5-fold post-Brexit. Failure to introduce a new, viable, Brexit-proof customs system could be catastrophic, leading to massive queues at Dover and to huge disruption for business.

A recent British Academy report expressed concern that the UK risks losing a large portion of EU teaching staff post-Brexit. More than one in three languages and economics academics are from the EU and they are keen to receive clarification on their status.

This fear of losing skilled staff (a “brain drain”) was echoed in a poll by the BMA (British Medical Association), which found that uncertainty over future immigration rules and the right to remain meant that one fifth of EU doctors were making plans to leave the NHS.

Should any of the above stories effect you, please get in touch. Seymours offers clients a wide variety of legal advice and assistance. Contact the team at Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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GDPR – Time to Start your Journey to Compliance!

If you haven’t done so already, now is definitely the time to start your planning in respect of GDPR.

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation, which is already in place in the UK. However, it will come info force from 25th May 2018 – by which time your organisation truly does need to be compliant and to have a framework in place which demonstrates this.

Furthermore, in case you are waiting to see what happens in respect of Brexit – don’t. Whether the UK remains in the EU or not will make absolutely no difference. As of May 2018, your data should be secure and your systems should support privacy by default.

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) will be in a position to impose stiff administrative fines on those who exhibit serious data protection failings. With fines starting at €10m or 2% of the previous year’s global turnover (whichever is the higher), these are no “slap on the wrist”.

In addition, on top of the above fines, organisations must take into consideration the other very real negative impacts involved if you suffer a cyber attack. If you lose the personal data of your clients through a preventable breach, you will be liable for compensation to the victims (which can often dwarf the amount of an administrative fine). In addition, the bad publicity will frequently result in a significant loss of customers and drop in sales.

Top tips for GDPR compliance planning:

  • Involve your senior management team and appoint a senior manager to lead the project
  • Perform a full information audit to review where all data is currently kept (in any format) for all departments – sales, customer relationship management, marketing, HR, etc
  • Consider what information actually needs to be kept (because of a legal or legitimate basis) and what can be disposed of (in particular out-of-date or inaccurate data)
  • Produce a compliance plan so there are systems, processes and procedures in place to ensure appropriate consent is always gained. Everything needs to be documented and you need to have a clear audit trail of consent
  • Be transparent on how you are using personal data and only use the data for the purpose stated
  • Ensure all Data Processors (organisations storing and/or processing data for you) are also compliant – technical support, website designers, eMarketing software, CRM systems, HR management systems, etc
  • Speak to your solicitor for up-to-date legal advice

Seymours offers clients a wide variety of commercial law advice and assistance. Contact Tarsem Sangha, Rob Fardoe or Simon Newbold at Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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Women – Don’t Miss Out On Pensions Savings

Divorced women are missing out on £5bn in respect of pension payments annually, according to recent research by Scottish Widows.

While more than 56% of married people would demand to split any jointly-owned property, and a third would wish to have a fair share of combined savings, fewer than 9% ask for their half of pensions. This will leave divorcees completely reliant on the state pension, an alarming idea when taking into account the rise in divorce rates.

Apparently, almost 75% of couples seeking a divorce do not discuss pensions during the process, despite the average married couple’s retirement savings totaling £132,000. This is more than five times the average salary of £26,000 and means that divorced females are short-changed by £5bn each year.

Furthermore, overall women are found to be less prepared for retirement than men, with females who divorce being even less so. There are many factors which contribute towards this, and ultimately women’s lifelong earning potential. These include the gender pay gap (on average 9.1%), maternity leave (28% of new mothers in Britain end up in debt) and career breaks.

The message to the female population is clear – women should take comprehensive legal advice in respect of pensions and, particularly, regarding pensions-sharing when contemplating ending a marital relationship.

Seymours offers clients a wide variety of family law and pensions advice and assistance. Contact Tarsem Sangha and Team at Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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Seymours offering free will-writing schemes

Our private client department are currently offering free will-writing schemes.

We have partnered with Cancer Research UK to offer a free will-writing or updating service for individuals who are aged 55 and over. If you are a writing a mirror will with your partner, only one of you has to be over the age of 55 to be eligible. Cancer Research UK have developed this scheme to make it easier for individuals to write or update their will for free and in the hope that individuals will leave a donation to them in their Will, however you are under no obligation to do so.

We are also able to offer a free-will writing or updating service with the National Free Wills Network. There are many charities that are signed up to the National Free Wills Network and will offer individuals free simple wills. Similarly, you are encouraged to leave a gift to charity in your Will however you are not obliged to.

Cancer Research Free Wills and National Free Wills Network do not require any immediate gift on your part. They are completely free  for the client and the point of instruction, the idea being that clients might feel able to leave a legacy in the Will instead, but with no obligation.

Please note that all of the free will schemes, whether Will Aid, Cancer Research or National Free Wills cover ‘basic’ Wills only. If your requirements are more complex, we reserve the right to make an additional charge for extra services although the basic element will always be free.

If you would like to find out more about the free will schemes that we offer or to book an appointment, please contact us on  01926 350031 or 02476 553961

Seymours support Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

The Seymours staff will be joining in with the World’s Biggest Coffee morning on Friday. We are determined to all do our bit by eating loads of cake.

Cakes will be baked, bought, sold and eaten by the teams in Leamington and Coventry hopefully raising tons of money for this worthwhile cause.

In genuine “Great British Bake Off” spirit, we a have a very special “Best Baker” badge that is up for grabs for whoever produces the tastiest treat!

To find out more about the Macmillan Cancer Support World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, visit the website.

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Seymours Team News – Emily joins as our first Legal Apprentice

As part of our commitment to give aspiring professionals practical, relevant training and experience, and to support the government’s apprenticeship initiative, we have taken on our first Legal Apprentice.

Emily Ward started taking ‘A’ levels at her local college, but found that she wasn’t enjoying the experience. A friend had chosen to pursue an apprenticeship, and explained how interesting and engaging it was.

Inspired, Emily decided to approach LMPQ Apprenticeship Academy, and with their help commenced a 1 year Legal Administration Apprenticeship.

Emily then decided to change her Apprenticeship, swapping to the Paralegal option (through Birmingham Metropolitan Colleges – BMet), and successfully gained a place at Seymours! Emily loves the combination of days spent working in the office and others spent studying in college.

“Everyone at Seymours has been so kind and welcoming – I feel as if I’ve settled in really quickly” Emily commented.

To find out more about working at Seymours, contact us:

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Meet Simon, Company Law Expert & Golf Fan!

Seymours Team News – meet Simon, Company Law Expert and Golf Fan! Simon joined Seymours in 2014 as a Consultant Solicitor, bringing with him considerable experience in advising business clients on the many issues that can arise in the areas of law that affect them.

He is also responsible for delivering civil and commercial litigation advice at Seymours, including in respect of complex commercial disputes and always strives to obtain solutions which make commercial sense.

Simon has an in-depth knowledge of the Coventry and Leamington business area, as he has represented a wide variety of companies from PLCs to owner-managed businesses.

When not immersed in working with Seymours clientele, Simon can be found on the many local golfclubs in the area.

To find out more about working at Seymours, contact us:

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Don’t Get Caught Out by Changes to Rental Property Tax Rules

Changes to property tax relief have been announced this year, which are having consequences for landlords on the tax they pay on profits from rental properties. Many landlords also now fear they could be pushed into a higher tax bracket due to these changes.

Landlords have always been responsible for tax on profits made after allowable expenses. However, the government has now restricted relief for such residential property finance costs to the basic rate of income tax (from 6th April 2017).

This means that landlords will no longer be able to deduct all finance costs from property income – these costs include mortgage interest, fees incurred in respect of mortgages and interest on loans to buy furnishings. By 2021 a landlord’s mortgage finance costs will count towards their taxable profit.

Furthermore, it is understood that these changes may result in landlords who let out a single property (who account for 62% of the UK’s landlord population) selling those houses. Of those who continue to rent out their property, they may have to increase the rental fee by at least 11% to continue to make a reasonable profit.

Crucially, many families and young couples are customers of the private rented sector (37% of families with children in 2014-15) because they cannot access social housing or afford to buy their own home. Therefore, the overall impact on good quality, affordable housing could be immense.

Seymours offers clients a wide variety of conveyancing advice and assistance including on buying and selling your home, joint tenancy, declaration of trusts and remortgaging. Contact Rob Fardoe and Team at Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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Conveyancing Cybercrime Challenges Highlighted in Recent SRA Risk Outlook Update

The SRA recently issued an updated Risk Outlook and identified cybercrime as one of the primary areas of risk for the legal profession. For such fraudsters, conveyancing is a juicy target – the lure of high value transactions with correspondence occurring online make it the most popular legal area for criminals.

Over half of all email-modification fraud reported to the SRA is in respect of conveyancing, with £7m of client losses report last year. 25% of legal firms have been targeted by cybercriminals, with 1 in 10 resulting in funds being stolen.

More than ever, solicitors need to be up-to-date, extra compliant and super vigilant – raising their in-house security systems to combat advancing techniques of the fraudsters.

Law firms need to ensure that security is optimised by adopting prevention systems and strategies, and performing checks rigorously. Solicitors must keep an eye on the latest trends and monitor new guidance and legislation, for example the upcoming 4MLD (Money Laundering Directive). Furthermore, in-house training is as essential as technology.

Seymours Solicitors are authorised and regulated by the SRA. We are also accredited by The Law Society for Conveyancing Quality and Lexcel.

Seymours offers clients a wide variety of conveyancing advice and assistance including on buying and selling your home, joint tenancy, declaration of trusts and remortgaging. Contact Rob Fardoe and Team at Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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Seymours Team News – Meet Rhoda, our Marathon-Running Legal Cashier

As Seymours grows and becomes busier, we continue to recruit high quality new members of staff to augment our existing, close-knit team.

Rhoda Thomas has worked in the legal accounting profession, working for a variety of different firms such as Brethertons and Heenans, since 1998. Rhoda has joined Seymours on a part-time basis as a Legal Cashier in our Accounts Department.

Rhoda finds the credit control and chasing of aged debtors aspects of her job particularly interesting and rewarding, and she is looking forward to her first accounting audit with Seymours.

A very keen runner, Rhoda has completed three half-marathons this year and is hoping to complete her first marathon next year.

Rhoda said “I love the people at Seymours – the firm has such a family feel to it. I am proud to feel that I am adding to the already knowledgeable accounts dept with my expertise in financial compliance”.

To find out more about working at Seymours, contact us:

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Seymours Solicitors again Accredited by Lexel for Legal Excellence

Lexcel is the Law Society’s legal practice quality mark for excellence in legal practice management and excellence in client care. It provides a flexible, supportive management framework to help practices develop consistent operational efficiencies and client services, manage risk effectively, reduce costs and promote profitability.

Lexcel sets the required standard in seven different areas: structure and strategy, financial management, information management, people management, risk management, client care, file and case management. Lexcel scheme rules outline the design, principles and governance processes of the scheme.

The Directors are pleased to report that, once again, Seymours Solicitors has been accredited by Lexcel, confirming our commitment to excellence in legal practice management and client care.

As always, we continue to deliver first-rate legal advice through our committed, highly-experienced team.

Find out more about them here or contact us:

Leamington 01926 350031

Coventry 02476 553961


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Seymours Solicitors Raise £885 for Will Aid 2016

Will Aid is a special partnership between the legal profession and nine of the UK’s best-loved charities. Every November, participating solicitors waive their fee for writing a basic Will. Instead, they invite their clients to make a donation to Will Aid. Each year, thousands of people use the Will Aid scheme. They not only gain peace of mind by writing their Will, they help fund life-changing charity work at the same time.

Will Aid has been running since 1988. During that time over 275,000 people have made a Will through the scheme. The scheme has raised an amazing £16m for the vital work of the Will Aid charities in the UK and around the world. Find out more about Will Aid.

Gina Dixon and the Private Client Team at Seymours Solicitors are proud to have been participating in Will Aid for the last decade. This year we are delighted to announce they raised £885!

If you would like to discuss the above, Seymours offer clients advice and assistance on all aspects of Private Client law, including Administration of an Estate, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Making a Will. Contact Gina Dixon at Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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Tax Mitigation and Estate Planning Seminar

Lauren will be speaking at the seminar on Wednesday 12 April.

Seymours Solicitors will be speaking at a local Tax Mitigation and Estate Planning seminar to discuss the importance of Wills and Powers of Attorney as the essential base of any estate planning.

Lauren, our Private Client Executive, will be speaking at Chesford Grange Hotel (near Leamington Spa, CV8 2LD) in conjunction with a local financial advisor on Wednesday 12 April 2017.

Given the new changes in legislation relating to Inheritance Tax, this will be a great opportunity for those who seek clarification about their tax position or feel they want to learn about the kind of estate planning best for their needs.

There will be two sessions, one at 10am and a further session at 1.30pm, expected to last about an hour and a half. The event is free and refreshments will be provided.

The topics due to be covered are:

  • Inheritance Tax mitigation
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Protecting your estate from HMRC
  • Other tax planning opportunities
  • Wills and Powers of Attorney

Spaces are limited and so if you are interested in attending this event, please contact Lauren on 01926 350031 or alternatively you can email with your preference of morning or afternoon session.

Probate Fees to Increase Substantially from May

Despite the Government ‘fixing’ UK probate charges in 2015, a decision has been made to increase probate court fees from this May – primarily for high-value estates.

The purpose of the increase is to raise £300m which will go straight to Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service to streamline and improve its service.

However, experts feel this will make life difficult for grieving relatives, as many institutions demand a grant of probate before releasing cash to pay for anything other than a basic funeral. Problems may be faced by executors in obtaining finance to cover probate fees in cases where the estate is “asset-rich but cash-poor”. STEP (a global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning) have already referred to this latest increase as a “tax on bereaved families”.

Fortuitously, smaller estates up to £50,000 will have no fee. But the charges will rise rapidly from that point, increasing to a maximum of £20,000 for estates of £2m or more. Furthermore, the valuation is based on the value of the estate before Inheritance Tax is deducted.

If you would like to discuss the above, Seymours offer clients advice and assistance on all aspects of Private Client law, including Administration of an Estate, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Making a Will. Contact Gina Dixon at Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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Blog Post – Seymours uses photographer for new website images in support of Parkinson’s UK

Seymours Solicitors recently moved into new, prestigious offices in Leamington and Coventry.

In order to reflect these upgraded facilities, they decided to overhaul their website at the same time.

So as part of this revamp, Gina Dixon (Director) asked a friend, Kevin Ward, to take some photos to capture the unique nature of the local area.

Kevin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2010 and was inevitably shocked, as he had always been fit and active and still remains a keen competitor at 5 a side football, 7 years later.

Having been initially shaken he was then stirred into resisting the rigors of Parkinson’s and decided to go trekking in the Himalayas with his wife, Ruth. This adventure provided the inspiration for Kevin to put his longstanding interest in photography to good use and raise funds for the Parkinson’s UK charity.

Therefore, on his return from Nepal, Kevin produced a 2014 photographic calendar, which was sold to raise funds for the charity.  Kevin has produced subsequent calendars for charities and currently has a number of pictures on display at Walsgrave hospital in Coventry. He is also busy on a photographic project which seeks to positively represent the lives of people with learning difficulties and to emphasise their achievements.

Seymours are delighted with the photographs that Kevin has taken and which are proudly displayed on the new website. The Directors have made a donation of £150 to Parkinson’s UK, which is the UK’s No1 Parkinson’s support and research charity (their vision and ultimate ambition is to find a cure, and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s). You can visit their website to find out more: and make a donation online here.

Seymours offer clients advice and assistance on a wide variety of legal matters. Contact Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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Resolution stresses urgent need for no-fault divorce in wake of Owens judgment

Resolution has responded to the Court of Appeal’s dismissal of Mrs Owens’ appeal in her defended divorce case, which effectively means that she must remain married to her husband. Speaking immediately following judgment in Owens v Owens [2017] EWCA Civ 182, Resolution’s Chair, Nigel Shepherd, said:

“This judgment will obviously come as a disappointment to Mrs Owens, and absolutely underlines the urgent need for no-fault divorce. Nobody should be compelled to remain in a marriage against their will, yet judges’ hands are tied by the current divorce law. Sadly, all too often, couples are forced to play the blame game, and today’s decision demonstrates why this needs to change.

At Resolution we have long campaigned for reform in order to reduce conflict and support separating couples to resolve matters amicably, notably at our very successful lobby of Parliament last November, which was received positively by MPs from all parties “This is why we are today repeating our call on the Government to change the law and introduce no-fault divorce. The reasons for marriages breaking down are often complex and rarely will both spouses agree on them”.

The Court of Appeal dismissed the wife’s appeal against the dismissal of her petition for divorce based on her husband’s unreasonable behaviour, leaving her (as the Court of Appeal acknowledged) trapped in a loveless marriage. Mrs Owens intends to seek permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The Court of Appeal adopted a strict approach to its limited powers to interfere and review the trial judge’s findings of fact and conclusions, on the basis that he correctly applied the current law as laid down by Parliament and was entitled to reach the conclusions he did.

Seymours offers clients a wide variety of family law advice and assistance including on children, civil partnership, cohabitation, divorce and separation. Contact Tarsem Sangha and Team at Seymours Solicitors on, Coventry 024 7655 3961 | Leamington 01926 350031.

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Meet Danielle Cawley, our Outstanding Office Manager

Dani1Danni has worked at Seymours for 15 years, starting as an Office Junior and working her way up through the ranks. Her skills, aptitude, dedication and personality have resulted in her promotion to Office Manager.

In addition to a full workload supporting busy fee earners, Danni is involved in the day-to-day running of the office and helping to manage the staff. In conjunction with the Directors, she is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of standard approaches to administrative tasks. She takes a leading role in the establishment, implementation and management of appropriate office systems and reviewing, amending and updating the firm’s Office Manual. Danni also assists with the organisation of events and she supports staff in the implementation of new office procedures. Danni is in charge of ordering office equipment and stationery and is always the first port of call when dealing with miscellaneous enquiries pertaining to the office.

Danni says “I have been with Seymours for 15 years.  During this time I have developed a wide range of skills and gained a vast amount of experience. I am responsible for communicating with clients and other professionals, diary management and prioritising my own workload. I am used to maintaining the highest levels of client confidentiality and I am able to work particularly well under pressure. I am extremely highly motivated and work well as part of a team. I enjoy problem solving and using my initiative”.

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Seymours Team News – Meet Lauren, Private Client Exec

Lauren smilingAs part of our move to exciting new premises, we have also recruited some additional members of staff to the team – we spoke to Lauren Miner, our new Private Client Executive.

Lauren is responsible for dealing with Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and lifetime trusts along with small estates for a variety of clients. Lauren is well-versed in how to best reflect a client’s needs using a variety of tools – for those who want to protect themselves and their families using appropriate measures, and also for those who wish to ensure the people they love and trust are able to care for them in future, and benefit from the client’s estate as they would wish.

Lauren said “the team at Seymours are committed to the best client service and achieve this by being patient, kind and taking the time to understand each client’s needs. This is something I am already enjoying and working with such brilliant colleagues and clients makes my job a pleasure”.

Lauren has been studying Law for three years and has been working in the area of Private Client for 18 months. Lauren originally did a degree in English Literature at Cardiff University and converted this to Law, doing her Graduate Diploma with the University of Law in London. She is now studying part-time for her Legal Practice Course and a Masters in Law with the hope of qualifying as a Solicitor in a few years time. Lauren lived in the Midlands since birth until she left for University and has several family members in the area. Despite having moved away to study and work, she couldn’t resist moving back!

In her spare time, as a typical Literature graduate, Lauren loves to read. She also loves to travel and particularly enjoys weekend breaks. Lauren loves music and art and tries to attend as many concerts and exhibitions as she can, making the most of study weekends in London!

Lauren is particularly excited to meet Seymours’ existing clients and engage with new clients to build her own reputation within the Company as another employee our clients can rely on to provide excellent advice and efficient service.

Furthermore, Lauren is looking forward to watching how the new Main Residence relief will impact on individuals, coming into play in April of this year, which she believes will benefit people with mid-range estates. Obviously Lauren is also wondering how pulling out of the EU will affect Seymours clients.

Lauren summed up “I am a little different to your average legal professional and like to break the stereotype of stern, dark-suited people. I focus much more on approachability and building a relationship with clients; I feel this compliments the reputation Seymours already have as being both kind and efficient professionals”.

For more details please contact Lauren Miner at Seymours Solicitors in Leamington on 01926 350031, or

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Seymours Latest News – new offices, new staff!

Preeti2Having outgrown our head office in Coventry and a satellite office in Leamington Spa, we decided to look for new, modern, spacious premises in each area.  After a short search, excellent new accommodation was secured, and we are delighted to now be settled into our new offices in Blondvil Street, Coventry and Russell Street, Leamington Spa.

We have also recruited some new members of staff to our ever-growing team – we spoke to Preeti Lekhi, our new Conveyancing Executive.

Preeti acts on behalf of clients in respect of both freehold and leasehold sales and purchases, transfers of equity, remortgages, new builds and unregistered property. Preeti gained her Law degree in Birmingham, then completed her Legal Practice Course and is currently doing a business and law MA at BPP Law School.

Preeti said “I particularly wanted to join Seymours as, unlike other firms, it has a more ‘hands-on’, ‘face-to-face’ approach with clients, a good reputation, a strong clientbase and encourages networking”.

In her spare time Preeti likes travelling, she is training to run the London Marathon in 2017, and she enjoys taking part in charity events such donating toys to the children’s hospital at Christmas, and taking part in bake sales to raise money for cancer research.

Preeti is hoping to continue to offer not only high quality legal advice, but excellent customer service to Seymours clients.

For more details please contact Preeti Lekhi at Seymours Solicitors in Coventry on 02476 553961, or

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Coventry’s Oldest Firm of Solicitors in Exciting Double Office Move

Seymours Large Team Photos - Press ReleaeStaff at the longest-established firm of solicitors in Coventry and Warwickshire are celebrating after completing an impressive double office relocation.

Having outgrown both their head office in Coventry and a satellite office in Leamington Spa, the directors of Seymours decide to look for new, modern, spacious premises in each area.  After a short search, excellent new accommodation was secured in Blondvil Street, Coventry and Russell Street, Leamington Spa.

Director Rob Fardoe said “we are thrilled to have moved into two new office buildings. Each is situated in a prime location with ample parking and is close to local shops and amenities. We feel our new premises will provide an easy-to-find, comfortable welcome for our clients and also plenty of room for the company to expand further in the future.”

Director Tarsem Sangha agreed “by continuing with our commitment to both Coventry and Leamington Spa, we are able to deliver our first-class, friendly services to the widest range of local families, businesses and community organisations”.

Seymours has continued to increase its team of committed, highly-experienced individuals to cope with a growing demand for professional advice. They provide a variety of legal services to a wide range of clients, from individuals and Small to Medium Enterprises to one of the top three building societies in the country. Seymours provides its clients with the best legal assistance and advocacy, combining traditional values with a fresh, modern approach.

* (caption) Seymours Staff Celebrate Moving into their New Leamington Spa Offices

For further information on this press release contact Tarsem Sangha, Seymours Solicitors, on 024 7655 3961.

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