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Commercial Services 

Company Commercial

Whether you are buying or selling a business or simply experiencing problems and issues which affect all companies, our specialist lawyers will be able to help solve your problems. We offer cost effective advice to individuals, partnerships and companies on all aspects of company law, including:

  • acquisitions and disposals

  • forming and reorganising companies

  • mergers

  • partnerships

  • shareholder agreements and disputes

  • franchising

  • liability of companies and directors

We have vast experience of take-overs and mergers and the many complex issues arising from such transactions.

Our aim is to provide practical and straightforward advice to clients, speaking as one business person to another.

Please contact us for for advice on any area of commercial law including:

  • management and administration of the company's affairs

  • tax

  • goods and services contracts

  • employment contracts

  • protecting trade secrets, processes and inventions

  • terms and conditions of sale

  • purchase or leasing of premises

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