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Employment Law 

Constructive & Unfair Dismissal Redundancy  

We regularly advise both companies and individual employees on employment matters. Our practical solicitors encourage clients to contact them at the earliest opportunity, so that appropriate help can be given with a view to resolving conflicts before they escalate to the point where they can only be addressed before a court or tribunal.

Whether its as a result of inappropriate behaviour, unwanted conduct or the unorthodox use of company property, we can help companies outline acceptable standards of behaviour and deal with those who transgress.

Furthermore, with the escalation of social media usage, we can assist organisations with clear reminders to staff that they should not engage in activities which might bring the business into disrepute.

Finally, where disputes cannot be resolved without court or tribunal proceedings, we will help the company or employee to prepare and present their case before the Court or tribunal.

The range of employment services we provide includes:

  • Contacts of Employment

  • Disciplinary and Grievance Issues

  • Redundancy Issues

  • Transfer of Undertakings

  • Unfair Dismissal and Wrongful Dismissal

  • Constructive Dismissal

  • Termination Packages and Compromise Agreements

  • Harassment and Victimisation

  • Breach of Contract

  • Restrictive Covenants

  • Discrimination Issues

  • Tribunal and Court Representation

If you need legal advice, assistance with your policies or procedures, or have any other employment law requirements, please contact our calm, professional experts.

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