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Transfer & Re-mortgage  


There are several reasons why people remortgage their property. Common reasons are to raise capital for home improvements or to obtain a better mortgage deal. Our experts will guide you through the process of dealing with:

  • mortgage paperwork

  • title issues

  • searches or search insurance which may be required

  • redemption of your current mortgage

  • registration of your new mortgage at the Land Registry.

Transfer of Equity

A transfer of equity often occurs when cohabitees or partners decide that they no longer want to live together, but one co-owner wishes to continuing living in the property. Subject to the consent of any lender who has a secured charge on the property, we can help you deal with the transfer quickly and efficiently.

It will usually be transferred subject to the mortgage, but the co-owner leaving the property will be released from the mortgage. It is not uncommon for the remaining co-owner to raise an additional advance from the lender, to be able to pay out a share to the co-owner leaving the property. Alternatively, the remaining co-owner may wish to take out a completely new mortgage.

Remortgaging or carrying out a transfer of equity can be a significant change in your circumstances and will be an ideal time to consider tax planning and making or updating your will. Seymours can also provide assistance with these - please ask to be put in contact with a member of our Private Client Team.

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