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Residential Conveyancing Fees  



These are our average fees on relatively straightforward transactions.

Please note we will give an individual quote as each sale/purchase will be considered on its own merit. Click here for a quote.

After our initial consultation we will be able to advise at the outset whether any further charges may be required based on any added complexities. This fee scale only applies to properties bought and sold in England and Wales.

Matters with a referral fee: Leasehold matters with referrals need to be higher; add referral fee on top of existing Legal Fees. Quote email & ToBs need to include referral blurb

High Rise Flat Transactions: These are not accepted, and we do not act on properties classed as High Rise. Please clarify this with CL at the start of matter/check the address

There will be a bank transfer free of £35 plus VAT.

Searches are between £180-£350 inclusive of VAT.


These  prices do not take into account any costs payable to a third party, including land registry fees

Please visit the HMRC website to view the stamp duty calculator (applies to England only).

To find out more about the sale process click here.

To find out more about the purchase process click here. 

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