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Residential Conveyancing Sale 

  • As a Seller, on marketing your property you must commission an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property, if no Certificate is already available.

  • Once you accept an offer via the estate agents or privately, all parties must instruct solicitors.

  • A memorandum of sale is then issued by the estate agents or the parties themselves (if it is a private sale) confirming the agreed sale price and details of the Buyer, Seller and solicitors acting for each.

  • The Conveyancer acting for you will send you details of our terms of business confirming our professional charges which we have agreed together with any disbursements.

  • You will also be sent a Fittings and Contents Form and a Property Information Form to complete about the property you are selling. If the property is leasehold you will also be sent a Leasehold Information Form to complete.

  • If the property is leasehold we will need to contact the Landlord/Managing Agent and ask that they complete the Leasehold Property Enquiries Form. There is an additional cost involved to obtain this which is set by the Landlord/ Managing Agent. We will be able to advise you of this once we have contacted them.

  • We will write to your lender (if you have one) to request any title deeds that they hold for your property. As most properties are now registered online we should be able to access copies of your deeds, including the lease (if leasehold) directly from HM Land Registry.

  • During this time both solicitors will write to each other to confirm their instructions.


  • Once we have a copy of the title deeds, the signed terms of business and completed forms a Contract Pack will be sent out to the Buyer’s solicitor.


  • Upon receipt of the Contract Pack your Buyer’s Solicitor will submit their search with the local authority and any other searches they deem necessary. Searches take approximately three weeks.


  • Whilst awaiting searches the Buyer will normally be arranging a valuation (if they are having a mortgage) or a Survey (if any).


  • It is normal practice for the Buyer’s solicitor to raise any enquiries they may have about the Contract Pack. We will deal with any legal enquiries we are able to answer but may need to forward some enquiries to you. We will help you through these.


  • The Buyer’s solicitors will review the replies we provide and may raise further enquiries.


  • Once the Buyer’s solicitors have received a copy of the Buyer’s mortgage offer (if any), searches and are satisfied with replies to enquiries they will then arrange for the Buyer to sign the contracts.


  • We will then make arrangements for you to sign the Contract. Signing the Contract does not make it binding.


  • After signing the Contract you tell us what completion date you want. You must choose a date which is acceptable to all parties. The completion date cannot be on a Saturday, Sunday or any public holiday.


  • Once a completion date is agreed we will then exchange Contracts on your behalf. This makes the transaction legally binding.  A deposit is paid at this stage. It is only now that the completion date is fixed


  • Prior to completion we will request a redemption figure from your current lender (if you have a mortgage), obtain details of your estate agents fees (if any) and will write to you with a completion statement showing the net proceeds of sale.


  • On the day of completion the Buyer’s solicitor will send the purchase monies to us.


  • Once the money is received we will authorise the release of the keys to the Buyer either via the estate agents or via you directly. 

  • We will then pay off any existing mortgages secured on the property, the estate agent fees and the net proceeds of sale to you. 

To find out more about our fees click here​.

To find out more about the purchase process click here. 

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