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Residential Conveyancing Purchase 

  • Once your offer is accepted via the estate agents or privately, all parties must instruct solicitors

  • A memorandum of sale is then issued by the estate agents or the parties themselves (if it is a private sale) confirming the agreed purchase price and details of the Buyer, Seller and solicitors acting.

  • The Conveyancer acting for you will send you details of our terms of business confirming our professional charges which we have agreed together with any disbursements. You will be asked to complete and return a Purchaser Information Form to provide us with your details.

  • During this time both solicitors will write to each other to confirm their instructions.

  • Your Seller’s solicitor will send us the Contract Pack. The Contract Pack contains a draft Contract, a copy of the Seller’s title deeds, a completed Fittings and Contents Form and Property Information Form.

  • Where the property is Leasehold we will also receive a copy of the Lease, a completed Leasehold Information Form and the Leasehold Property Enquiries completed by the Landlord/Managing Agent.

  • Once the Contract Pack is received by us, we will use the title plan to apply for your searches with the local authority and any other searches we deem necessary. The searches can take three weeks.

  • We will review the Contract Pack and any searches and raise any enquiries we may have about the property.

  • If you are having a mortgage on the property, your lender will carryout a valuation report. This may reveal legal issues that require clarity. We will review the valuation report and raise any questions necessary. It may be that you need to obtain a full survey.

  • The Seller’s solicitor will deal with any legal enquiries they are able to answer, but may need to forward some enquiries to the Seller to answer.

  • Once we have had all replies to enquiries and are satisfied we will send you a report on the property which includes;

    • The title deeds,

    • A plan of the property

    • Searches

    • Terms of the mortgage offer

    • Property Information Form

    • Fittings and Contents Form

    • Leasehold Information Form (if relevant)

    • Supporting documentation

  • Once you have had an opportunity to review the report we will address any questions you may have.

  • We will make arrangements for you to sign the Contract, Mortgage Deed and Transfer Deed. Signing the Contract does not make it legally binding.

  • After signing the Contract you tell us what completion date you want. You must choose a date which is acceptable to all parties. The completion date cannot be on a Saturday, Sunday or any public holiday.

  • Once a date is agreed we will provide you with a completion statement outlining the balance due from you forming your deposit to allow us to exchange Contracts on your behalf. Exchange of Contracts makes the transaction legally binding.  A deposit is paid at this stage. It is only now that the completion date is fixed.

  • Prior to completion we will ensure we request any mortgage funds from your lender.

  • On completion, we send the purchase money to the Seller’s solicitor.

  • Completion takes place once they have received the funds. The Seller’s solicitor will then authorise the release of keys to you via the estate agents or via the Seller directly.

  • Following completion we will arrange to register the property in your name at HM Land Registry.

  • We will also deal with the payment of your Stamp Duty Land Tax to HMRC.

  • Once your registration is completed we will send to you a copy of the new deeds showing you as the new registered owners and will also send a copy to your lender if they have requested that we do so.

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