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What to do if you’re made redundant or dismissed over Christmas?

This time of year is unfortunately very common for a review of staffing structures. This can often lead to an increased volume of settlement agreements whether in relation to redundancies or dismissals.

If you find yourself dismissed or made redundant, it is important that you consider your position carefully rather than just accepting the proposals given to you. There is legislative protection to ensure that you can receive independent legal advice to ensure that the offer being made is right, proper and fair. You should never feel forced to accept an offer without proper advice which should be funded in part, if not entirely, by your employer.

If you are an employer looking to fairly dismiss an employee or make redundancies, a settlement agreement provides reassurance that once a payment has been made to an employee no further claims will arise. There is a line drawn under the matter.

Whether you are an individual or a business, the right advice for your given circumstances will ensure the matter is resolved cost-effectively, efficiently and to a satisfactory level for all parties.

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